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Ade Ogundimu.Painter/Sculptor

About me.

Like Ben Enwonwu, I refuse to accept a subordinate position in the art world or to have my work labelled solely as African due to a perceived failure. I have consistently opposed such a philosophy, considering it baseless. European artists like Picasso, Braque, and Vlaminck were influenced by African art, which is widely recognised and accepted. However, when African artists incorporate European techniques and training into their work, there is an expectation that they must adhere to traditional forms, even to the point of imitation. I do not replicate traditional art.

Art, like culture, is not static. It evolves with the times. Expecting contemporary African art to mirror the art of the past is regressive and ignores the dynamic nature of artistic expression. African art has always evolved, even before Western influence, adapting to new circumstances. Similarly, the African perspective on art has evolved alongside cultural changes up to the present day.